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Hi, thank you for stopping by! We are T&L - a machine tool trading company. We believe that every customer deserves to have the qualified and best product experience. That’s why we’re here - to help you get the most suitable machine(press brake, shearing machine, turret punching machine, laser cutting machine, hvac air duct machine, etc.) and enjoy it. Click here to see how.
Above all, we believe in bringing value to every friend of you by providing outstanding products, and customer service.

Our Story

Based on 5 years machine export experience, Peter has seen too much things from China supplier, trading company, and also various comments(good or bad) from customer.

Poor communication skill makes customer confused, then choose the machine which not suitable for them, low efficiency makes customer production delay and complaining from their end user, then bad reputation in local market. And sometimes because lack of knowledge of machine, first impression of lower price and quality in China, our clients always tend to buy cheaper machine. All these things lead to bad impression of Made in China.

However, we’re different now, more and more World famous brand start to cooperate with China factory, which means we’re catching up with International level step by step.

With professional knowledge of machine tool industry plus strong relation of high level China factory, Peter believe he has a lot of possibilities in the future. He wants to establish his own career, to create something different. To be the best(not one of) trading company in China. To help Chinese manufacturers stand in the top of world. To make people knows China quality, to change their bad impression of made in China.

Why are we here

T&L Team

We love our customers

We started T&L because we believe every customer deserves to have the qualified and best product experience. With this faith, we unceasingly supply high-quality machines(press brake, cnc turret punching machine, cnc fiber laser cutting machine, plasma cutting machine, metal fabrication machine, etc) and professional service to our customers through out these years, which is exactly the reason why more and more customers from all over the world come to seek cooperation with us. Just as how we came up with our Chinese name TuoLu- T&L, expanding new roads and standing in the top of this industry, we will never stop presenting the best to our manufacturers, to our clients and to this brand-new world.

It’s the recognition, feedback and responses that truly confirm that what we’re doing is working.

The people behind

who makes us reassuring, proud of ourselves